The Sugar Mama

Holistic Skincare for the Natural Person

Sugaring is an ancient form of natural hair removal that is less irritating than waxing. NEVER WAX AGAIN! Come get pampered by THE SUGAR MAMA! Visit our charming locations on the east of the river, NE Portland in Grant Park and Montavilla in SE. Make the "conscious" choice to visit a "Green Spa" that delivers Holistic Facials, Subtle energy work, lash extensions and Organic Skincare. Online booking by appointment only.

NE: MON through TH, SU & some Saturdays

SE: MON & W through SUN

Second Location Coming October 15th!

I had always hoped to work close to home. The opportunity arose to take over a studio in Montavilla and I jumped on it. I'm so happy to announce October 15th I'll be hosting an Open House to meet my new and old neighbors. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Book your first facial or sugaring treatment for 50% off between October 15th and 31st. 10% off all products and special gift with any Gift Card purchase. Visit my facebook event page and let me know you're coming! Looking forward to serving you Southeast Sugar mama and daddies. 

a labor of love.

a labor of love.

Hello! from Krystal, The Sugar Mama

Thanks for visiting the site. I am so excited to share this blog with you. Its only appropriate my first blog post will be an introduction. I am a 32 year old woman who is a west coast native. I spent most of my life between Oregon and California. I have always had an interest in self care, although I can honestly say I was never really good about it in the beginning. I just wasn't very sure how to do it.  I spent my teen years mostly happy but underneath I was battling depression, anxiety and eating disorders. In my twenties I lived a fast life and my anxiety and stress lead to insomnia and my modeling career, which had advanced from my teens to my twenties was an exciting life but grueling on my skin and my confidence. I to this day struggle with my body image. When I turned 26 I suddenly became empowered!  I shaved my head and quit my career modeling full time to pursue something that made me happy. For the first time in my life I was making a very adult decision to follow my heart and take my first step to positive change. When I turned 28 I moved back to Portland and began yoga teacher training. Yoga has been a catalyst to healing my mind, body and soul. We have these habits, these emotions, these experiences we hold on to that may cause a negative ripple effect on our lives. Practicing and teaching Yoga the past four years has been a strengthening experience for both my mind and body. In 2014 I enrolled in the Esthetics program at the Aveda Institute Portland. I wanted to continue further with becoming someone who helps others discover that caring and loving yourself is the key to happiness. In the past two years I studied Reiki and I prefer to use energetic touch whenever I interact with a student or guest. Life can be challenging. I am here to help. I'm not some day spa trying to perfect your look for one day. I want to help you bring out positive change in your life. I want you to see the beauty within. I want to help you tap in to the positive energy around you. My name is Krystal and I'd love to be a part of your journey.