The Sugar Mama

Holistic Skincare for the Natural Person

Sugaring is an ancient form of natural hair removal that is less irritating than waxing. NEVER WAX AGAIN! Come get pampered by THE SUGAR MAMA! Visit our charming locations on the east of the river, NE Portland in Grant Park and Montavilla in SE. Make the "conscious" choice to visit a "Green Spa" that delivers Holistic Facials, Subtle energy work, lash extensions and Organic Skincare. Online booking by appointment only.

NE: MON through TH, SU & some Saturdays

SE: MON & W through SUN

 Your facial will focus on your individual goals for your skin type. Each treatment includes, massage, aromatherapy and subtle energy work. We can also map out a personal treatment plan, based on your goals so you can empower yourself to achieve lasting results at home. 








Think about it as a facial 'Alignment'. Aromatic steam, a fine polish, and clean, lush products to leave you feeling refreshed. Massage and light energy work will have you feeling restored.


Special Event? Prepare for your grand entrance with a customized facial to meet your needs. This service will keep you looking and feeling vibrant all evening long.


The focus of this facial is repairing and improving Acneic skin. Steam and extractions with products that soothe, and mend wether its minor pustules, deep cysts or scarring.  Take the first step to healing. 


Sensitive or reactive skin is tenderly pampered with calming products to reveal a more luminous glow.  Your delicate skin will be in good hands. No steam? No extractions? No problem!


This treatment is centered around mature and dry skin. Antioxidant rich products with active ingredients that work to  plump, firm and keep the signs of aging at bay. The massage will tone and lift leaving your skin deeply nourished and looking divine.


During this treatment I will cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin followed by a customized mask and moisturizer carefully selected for your skin type. This is a great way to relieve stress and treat yourself if you are short on time. 

BACK FACIAL- 45 MIN/$60 - SERIES OF 3 $150

This treatment targets deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation with organic, probiotic products. Begin on your stomach with steam. Extractions to help remove impurities and calming finishing product to reduce redness and inflammation. Includes foot and Hand massage. 

MEN'S FACIAL- 45MIN/$60 - SERIES OF 3 $150

Get in, get out, get on with your day. Cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. A smooth, matte finish. Includes facial and hand or foot massage. 

TEEN FACIAL- 45 MIN/$50 - SERIES OF 3 $135

Hormonal Imbalance? This treatment works to even tone and recover texture. Steam, Extractions and healing products so you leave feeling confident! Plus a take home sample of my spot treatment!

LIGHT THERAPY- $10 Facial Upgrade

LED light therapy uses multiple wavelengths of UV free light to regenerate and heal skin. Since the discovery by NASA, this these lights provide a broad spectrum of benefits proven to promote cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation, destroy acne causing bacteria, and accelerate skin recovery. This service may be added without adding additional time to your service. 

MICROCURRENT-$15 Facial Upgrade

 Microcurrent is known as the non surgical face lift, it is the key to younger looking skin. This technology has been proven safe and effective as it stimulates the muscles in the face to lift and tone in just 15 minutes.  


For dry, flaky or tired feet that need some extra loving. Your therapist will apply hot towels to help you relax, then exfoliate your feet and legs with a seasonal sugar or salt scrub followed by a massage with Eminence Stone Crop body lotion to nourish your skin. 







Poetic Skin is a certified organic line of products that preserve and protect the natural beauty you already possess. No harsh chemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, or animal testing. My goal was to keep it simple and sweet. The Poetic Skin line is sourced at a registered Urban Farm that is a part of The Urban Farming Global Food Chain. With wind and Solar energy we deliver fresh "Farm to Face" products. Great for your skin and safe for the environment. The ingredients in Poetic Skin are organic, natural, wild crafted and  biodegradable. The packaging is environmentally sensitive. 

“The mission of Poetic Skin is to deliver fresh, quality, and affordable products without compromising your skin or the environment. Poetic skin believes in not only loving and treating yourself with respect but also Mother Earth. How poetic!”

Eminence Organics Skin Care

Mission Statement: 

Our promise is to deliver happiness and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective skin care products. We are committed to protecting the future of our planet through our green practices - for every product sold we will plant a tree

Eminence is the leading Organic Skin care line for 8 years in a row. All products are organically grown, hand prepared and packaged. Award winning products rich in active ingredients, Eminence never starts formulations with water. Dramatic results in a short period of time. Feel the difference with this elite line of products!

Servello is a local skincare line stems from the philosophy of natural health and beauty. The Servello mission is, and has been for the last 13 years to "Bring skin back to nature".  They believe in nature, in purity, and in living a healthy holistic life. The aromatherapy based organic skin care line portrays those strong beliefs. Servello products are unique, body conscious formulas uniting pure therapeutic essential oils, medicinal herbs, and organic plant extracts and oils.

The Sugar Mama " Sweet Spots"  Bikini Care!

Prone to Ingrowns or irritation? This rich oil delivers healing, antibacterial and soothing properties for reactive skin.  Sweet Spots "Recovery Oil" available now as post care treatment for preventing irritation and ingrowns.